Sports Club Membership Database

As a sports club or any other member based association you can not avoid it - the member administration. Membership data must be collected and stored, but what is the best way to do it, and is it GDPR compliant? 

There are several options to handle sports club membership database. Some of them work offline, others online. We at SportMember are an online provider of membership database, that comes with an integrated app for use on mobile devices. 

Explore all the benefits for your club using SportMember.

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Free of charge service

An absolutely legitimate question from clubs is: what does is cost?
For most smaller clubs a managing software isn’t included in the budget, or more than often - there are simply no assets for software solutions available. 

The best case scenario is to hope for member administration for free. This is one of the reasons why many sports clubs and teams use Excel, as Excel already exists in most clubs. However, with SportMember you not only get the Sports Club Membership Database for free, but several other management features and an app for everyone within the club.

All this is available free of charge, so you can get it without having to make room in the budget for optimizing membership administration and to enjoy the advantages of an advanced system.

GDPR compliant

Since the General Data Protection Regulation became law in may 2018, the question of data security is often put in the foreground for many sports clubs. Not only because this is often used as a basis for communication, but also because in the  management of membership database software a considerable amount of data are deposited, for which the club or association bears responsibility on behalf of its members. Creating an account with us means, that SportMember takes over the role of Data Processor. We have consulted specialized lawyers to ensure that SportMember is fully GDPR compliant. 

All relevant contracts, declarations of consent etc. for the use of SportMember have been updated in terms & conditions and the privacy policy, which has be agreed upon by any sports club member before use. Of course, SportMember will also handle data security of your membership lists, so you can safely store your data at us. We’ve made it as easy as possible for sports clubs to be GDPR compliant, which you can read more about here. GDPR can for some seem very complicated, which is why some clubs go the safe way, and store the data on a local computer. However, this solution might not as safe as you think. What happens for example, if the computer is damaged? Of course, you can never guarantee 100% security when transferring data through the Internet, but cloud solutions are often safer than Excel's classic Member administration. The servers of SportMember are in Denmark and Germany and the data transfer is encrypted via SSL. So even if all computers of all club leaders should give up at the same time, the data is safe through the managing of member software of SportMember.

Sports Club Membership Database

Benefits for the club

When management of members is being done online, you can access the club membership database from any device - just type in your username and password, and you can log on from PC, tablet or smartphone. With Sportmember you get lots of other benefits as well to manage your club and your members:

  • Multiple admins: If you are a coach and only manage one sports team, it’s probably not necessary for others to have admin access to the membership database. But if you have a club with several or more teams, you can give each coach admin rights to each of their teams. This gives the coaches a good overview of their squad, and delegates responsibilities accordingly. So if a team gets a new player or a player has to be moved to another team, the coaches can manage it themselves. So multiple persons can help in keeping the membership database updated, whilst the club still retains control of the member management.

  • Autonomous members: As described in the previous section, association administration online also includes the option of decentralized use. But with the member administration freeware of SportMember it gets even better. Since each member has their own login to the system, each player, parent and trainer can maintain their own personal information. So if a member moves, gets a new number, or just wants to add missing information to the system, the member can easily do it himself without a club leader having to take care of it. This makes the member administration club a breeze.

  • Instant communication: If you have an important announcement to make all the club members you can do so in no time with the membership database software. Just select all members and send an email or a push message. Maybe an event have been cancelled or rescheduled last minute. With our system, you’ll be able to get the message out in no time, and you can basically be 100 percent sure, that they’ve all have gotten be message. There are lots of situations for a sports club where instant notification to all members, or just the ones you choose, can be very useful. 

  • Less work - more time: The member management is not only easier due to the factors mentioned above, the sports club also saves time. Instead of having to register Excel-filled papers in Excel spreadsheets, coaches can register players by only sending an invitation link to new members. For new members who have found the club through its homepage, there are also online registration forms, with which new members can easily apply for membership in the club online. The membership database software is not only simpler, but also saves the club time and resources. This lets the sports club take care of more important things, such as actual sports related activities in the club.

These are just some of the benefits you get by manage a club or team with SportMember. Since it’s only a part of our entire sports software for teams and clubs, there are lots of other features that benefits enormously by having the member database as an integrated part of it. Scheduling, attendance tracking system, lineup building etc., all this becomes much easier, which you can find more information about here on our club website.

Sports Club Membership Database

Great tool for coaches

It becomes an indispensable tool of every coach of every team sport because you no longer need to fill up your phonebook with contact information on the team members. Instead, all coordination and communication takes place online or via the free SportMember app, where members can sign up for activities themselves.

The coach is always informed of how many players are available for this weekend's match via the stat tracking system and it's easier to manage the club or team.
If you need to contact your team, simply a send push message or email directly from SportMember to all team players and/or parents instantly and simultaneously.

Another great player management tool for coaches is the statistics module that stores attendance statistics for each member on the basis of the activities they sign up for via the app. You can also type in in-game statistics, so you can see how your teams performance develops during the entire season. SportMember free club membership database software for free are one of the best tools for your sports club or team!

Sports Club Membership Database

Non binding 

As you can see, there are many good reasons to conduct member management online. It is definitely more suitable for this day and age, with technology being so intertwined with our lives. The practicality of digital database solutions is for most people, who works with it daily, a god send. Looking someone up on a screen, is a lot easier than looking someone up in a binder. 

By managing your club or team,  you are looking for a club solution that makes member management free and easy to use, you can register your club with SportMember anytime and try out the system. SportMember is completely non-binding! So if you do not like the system, your club can easily be deleted.

Getting started

If SportMember’s membership database solution sounds interesting for your sports club or team, you can create an account free of charge by clicking on "Create profile" at the top of this page and selecting "Create club" at the end of the process.

If you need help, please contact us on [email protected] To make the transition to SportMember as easy as possible, we help import all existing club members, create membership fees and set up a website. Contrary to what people think, it doesn't take several weeks / months to get started with a new membership system - we'll do it all on one day.

As soon as a single welcome email is sent to all members, it is just up to them to click on the provided link and add their personal information and voila, you are in the process of SportMember!

For more info please feel free to contact us on our contact page, where our support staff will be happy to assist in any way they can.


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